Offer your customers that finishing touch

Your opportunity to increase sales


If you are completely new to Powder Coating, or know what it is, but haven’t made it part of your offer to customers – now could be the ideal time to add it to your list of services.

Quality Fabrication and Manufacturing can look brilliant in the natural finish of the metal used, but being able to offer your customers a fast, efficient (in any colour) coating service is a great way to boost your sales and open up new customers who need to match an architectural design scheme, product identification, brand colours or simply a robust finish that both protects and offers easier cleaning.

powder coating mansfield

Been there done that?

As a manufacturer or fabricator that has used, or uses, Powder Coating services, you will already know the benefits this durable finish offers your customers.

Is your time more valuable than the cost of a full service?

We are centrally located and offer collection, coating and delivery at turn around times that may surprise you.

If you are set up in such a way that delivery to our factory and post coating collection is easier for you – to save costs – our modern industrial park setting makes the process a lot easier – easy to find, easy to park up, unload and load at the easy access factory door.

The Benefits

High Quality Smooth Finish

Tough and Resilient

Scratch Resistant

Seals the component minimising corrosion risk

Any RAL Colour Available

Special Finishes Available on Request

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